Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 27

Real Food Meal Plan Week 27.  Includes asparagus risotto, chicken schnitzel, heart winter vegetable soup and chicken curry.

Yet another week in which, despite my best laid plans, I found myself pulling dinner out of the freezer rather than cooking the meal I had originally planned.  Which really just reinforces how important my freezer has become as part of my everyday arsenal.  At one point in my life I would never have dreamed of eating anything from the freezer that wasn’t frozen peas, or dessert, and now I love knowing I have a couple of meals tucked away for emergencies. [Read more…]

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 26

Real Food Meal Plan Week 26 - Homemade Baked Beans, San Choy Bow, Oven Baked Fish and the Ultimate Shepherd's Pie.

After months of citrus and winter vegetables, new season vegetables are starting to appear. I stumbled across asparagus last weekend, strawberries are back in the markets, and today I even saw new season mangoes.  Although the weather suggests we are still in the middle of winter, spring is absolutely on the way.

A Lighter Tartare Sauce

A Lighter Tartare Sauce. With yoghurt as the base, this sauce can be whipped up quickly using store cupboard ingredients.

One of the (minor) problems with shunning processed foods is that I no longer buy pre-made condiments, like mayonnaise and tartare sauce.  Sometimes though, a little dab of something can really lift a dish, and jars of anything would come in mighty handy.  Condiments are usually something I think of about two minutes before dinner is ready, which often leaves me scrabbling around in the fridge or pantry for meal accompaniments.

Take-out, Fake-out: San Choy Bow

Take-Out, Fake-Out: San Choy Bow: Great for an appetiser or a very quick & easy main.

I love San Choy Bow.  I find the contrast between the crisp lettuce leaves and the soft, salty filling addictive, although I have yet to master a way of eating the stuffed lettuce cups without half the juices running down my arms.  Maybe I should add less filling, but where is the fun in that? Despite my fondness for this dish, I had not made it myself until quite recently.  It turns out San Choy Bow is both quick and simple to make, and I am kicking myself for not learning to do so sooner.

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 25

Real Food Meal Plan Week 25. Includes a chicken & mushroom bake, speedy minestrone soup, slow cooker red Thai beef curry, and chunky fishcakes.

I’m feeling very uninspired about menu planning at the moment.  This happens to me at least twice a year, usually towards the end of summer or winter, when I begin to crave meals from the opposite season.  I find the best way to cure my apathy is to take a holiday, as I always return inspired.  However with no holiday on the horizon, I am having to find other ways to reinvigorate my interest for cooking.  I have a large pile of old cooking magazines I am working my way through at the moment, pulling out the recipes and storing [Continue Reading]

A Simple Scone Recipe

A Simple Scone Recipe. Easy to whip up for unexpected guests.

If I had to condense all my family memories into just one recipe, it would have to be this simple scone recipe.  I have eaten a countless number of these scones throughout my life.  Trays of piping hot scones, accompanied by jars of homemade jam and heavily whipped cream, would be placed unceremoniously in the middle of the table at morning tea, and devoured by the awaiting family.  Originally made by my nana, the mantle of chief scone maker has now been handed to my mother.

Creamy Silverbeet Gratin

Creamy Silverbeet Gratin. Doubles as a simple side dish and a vegetarian main.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will be familiar with the Kitchen Basics series.  Kitchen Basics are the building blocks of my cooking repertoire.  They are the recipes I use regularly, in different ways, to quickly pull a meal together.  It occurred to me, though, that whilst I try to provide ideas in each post as to how these basics might be used, it may be more helpful to actually provide specific recipes (creamy mushroom & ham pies and dukkah-spiced lamb koftas aside).  Let’s start then with this Creamy Silverbeet Gratin.