Kitchen Basics: Toasted Coconut Butter

Toasted Coconut Butter.  Just when you thought coconut butter couldn't get any better.

One of joys of an ingredient surplus is that it frees you up to experiment.  I have been working my way through my very large bag of shredded coconut.  Even after a few batches of both my  3-ingredient apricot and almond, and chocolate coconut bliss balls, I still had half a bag of the coconut left.  Cue experimentation time. The rest of the bag is now a large jar of oh-so-very-good Toasted Coconut Butter. [Read more…]

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 16

Real Food Meal Plan Week 16. Includes roast chicken, freezer friendly meatballs, a quick beef teriyaki stir fry and Cauliflower Cheese Soup.

I had diligently prepared a great meal plan for the three of us this week, then Mr Grumpy sprung a surprise work trip on me. As my dish washer would be out of town (equal separation of duties in this household), a rejig of the plan was necessary in order to cut down on the amount of dishes I had to do.  I really need to step up training for The Princess.  The upside is that most of next week’s plan is already done. 

Gluten Free Blueberry and Ginger Cookies

Gluten Free Blueberry & Ginger Cookies. Not your average gluten free cookie.

A good gluten free biscuit shouldn’t taste gluten free. It should taste just like any other cookie loaded with gluten.  If the speed at which these Gluten Free Blueberry and Ginger Cookies disappeared is anything to go by, then I am on to something.  The Princess even moaned that I had not made enough, and was overjoyed to hear I had extra dough stashed in the freezer.

Roasted Garlic Twice Baked Potatoes

Roasted Garlic Twice Baked Potatoes. A great side dish to have on hand in the freezer. |

I used to make stuffed potatoes, or twice baked potatoes, all the time.  My favourite recipe relied heavily on a sachet of Cream of Mushroom soup.  When I gave up the processed soup sachets, I also apparently gave up twice-baked potatoes as I haven’t made them for years.  Recently though I have had a hankering for them, and after reading that they could be frozen, I decided that further experimentation was required.  First up was these Roasted Garlic Twice Baked Potatoes.

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 15

Real Food Meal Plan Week 15. Spaghetti bolognaise, Slow Cooker Chciken Curry and pan-fried fish are all here. |

Mother’s Day was a bit of a non-event for me this year. The Princess informed me she had far too much study, and couldn’t possibly give me an hour of her time to even go out for lunch. Don’t worry, I have a make-up day planned, which will occur just as soon as all her assessments have finished. I did, however, refuse to cook dinner so the rapidly expanding freezer stash was called into action.

Chocolate and Almond Scones

Chocolate and Almond Scones. Great to keep in the freezer for a quick dessert. |

I am quite particular about the chocolate I eat.  It has to be very dark, preferably Fairtrade, and come in a block so I can break off small pieces to enjoy with my cup of tea.  It is my small daily indulgence.  Every year for Easter, however, my mother and sister ignore my pleas and load me up with dark chocolate bunnies that are not quite dark enough to be eaten on their own.  Usually I find random children to feed them to.  This year I got creative and turned them into these Chocolate and Almond Scones.

Creamy Mushroom and Ham Pies with Kamut & Spelt Crust

Mushroom and Ham Pies with Kamut & Spelt Crust. A tasty pie filling that pairs wellw ith the wholegrain crust. |

I love having a large freezer, but have been guilty in the past of using it only for storage.  It is one thing to stand in front of a full freezer feeling quite smug, but this is of no use if you never actually eat the food.  I am determined to be more organised this year, which meant a clean out was necessary if I was to store all the wonderful freezer meals I intended to cook.  The clean out coincided with the arrival of my new pie maker, and the leftover Christmas ham paired with a frozen tub of [Continue Reading]

Real Food Meal Plan – Week 14

Real Food Meal Plan Week 14. Soup, fish and slow cooker beef are all on this week's menu. |

Finally the weather is cool enough for soup. Much to The Princess’s disgust.  Soup is her least favourite meal, but I think it is brilliant to serve on busy evenings.  Soup is very nutritious, easy to make ahead, and most soups freeze well.  Family members can serve themselves if eating at different times, and single serves are easy to reheat.  Soup is back on my menu, and The Princess will just have to get over it.

In My Kitchen – May 2015


I have discovered this week that when making ghee you should not put the saucepan on the heat then wander off to eat breakfast, as ghee is very difficult to clean up off the stove top. Despite this little incident, I have two new jars of ghee In My Kitchen at the moment.  I keep a jar of ghee next to the stove, dipping into it at least once a day, and find it particularly good for frying onions or scrambling eggs.