4 Uses for Stale Bread You May Not Have Thought Of | thecookspyjamas.com

Apparently the end piece of a loaf of bread is poisonous.  At least it is in my house.  Whilst the majority of a loaf will be demolished, there are always a few bits that are seemingly not edible.  Rather than sending them to landfill, I have a few ways of repurposing the raggedy bits so that every last crumb is used. Read More

Slow Cooker Thai Red Beef Curry

Slow Cooker Thai Red Beef Curry | thecookspyjamas.com

I have a love/hate relationship with my slow cooker.  Some days, thanks to The Princess’s after school activities, we arrive home right on dinner time.  Without the slow cooker we eat quite late, no matter how prepared I try to be before we go out.  With the slow cooker, I can throw dinner together in the morning and have something ready for when we walk in the door.  This I love.  What I hate is that most slow cooker recipes seem bland and unappetising to me, as if the flavour has cooked out over time. Whilst this is probably a reflection of my recipe selection or my ability to use the appliance properly, it makes for a dull meal. Read More

Spiced Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

Spiced Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding | thecookspyjamas.com

Christmas in a foreign country, far from family and friends, has the potential to be a very lonely experience.  Unless you happen to be one of eight ‘orphaned’ Australians crammed into a two-bedroom house in a southern suburb of London, together for the next 24 hours due to a temporary cease in the public transport that would allow us to return to our respective residences.  And so began one of the most memorable Christmases of my life.  Read More

Fried Cabbage with Pancetta

Fried Cabbage with Pancetta | thecookspyjamas.com

I have a small arsenal of simple side dishes that I regularly pull out when a quick and/or easy meal is necessary if we want to eat that night. Roasted broccoli, sweet potato chips and this fried cabbage and pancetta dish make up the core of this arsenal.  I can pan fry a piece of fish or chicken schnitzel, or roast some chicken pieces, pair the protein with some sides and dinner is sorted. Read More

In My Kitchen – September 2014

Bowl of Eggs

I have fresh eggs In My Kitchen this month.  After many months with only a couple of eggs proffered as rent, we sent the freeloaders in our chicken coop back to the farm and replaced them with four Isa Browns that are starting to earn their keep.  I had been buying eggs when I couldn’t get any from my parent’s chickens, so it is lovely to be self-sufficient once more. Read More

Kitchen Basics: 20 Minute Poached Chicken

20 Minute Poached Chicken {A How-To Guide} | thecookspyjamas.com

I have been following an interesting discussion on another Real Food blog this week about the merits of luncheon meat: that pre-sliced, pre-packaged meat (ham, chicken, turkey) that makes school lunch preparation faster and easier.  Two opposing schools of thought arose out of the discussion.  The first was that in a true Real Food diet there is absolutely no place for such meats.  The opposite viewpoint (and the one to which I subscribe) is that some pre-packaged options are better than others, and if buying such is the difference between a homemade sandwich or processed crud from the school canteen, then luncheon meat wins out every time. Read More

Welcome. I’m Tania. We are constantly bombarded with messages to eat less processed food, to eat more real food, to eat well, to do better. But what does all this actually mean and how does this work in our busy lives? Real food is quite easy to make at home if you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. Let me help you with that. You can read more about me here.

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