In My Kitchen – May 2015


I have discovered this week that when making ghee you should not put the saucepan on the heat then wander off to eat breakfast, as ghee is very difficult to clean up off the stove top. Despite this little incident, I have two new jars of ghee In My Kitchen at the moment.  I keep a jar of ghee next to the stove, dipping into it at least once a day, and find it particularly good for frying onions or scrambling eggs. [Read more…]

3 Ingredient Apricot Almond and Coconut Bliss Balls

3 Ingredient Apricot Almond & Coconut Bliss Balls-2

A friend of mine moved house recently, and in the midst of packing she appeared on my doorstep holding a very large bag of shredded coconut she had found in her pantry.  Never one to turn away free food, I willingly took it off her hands.  The obvious thing to do with such a large bag of coconut is to make coconut butter, with which you can then whip up these 3 Ingredient Apricot Almond and Coconut Bliss Balls.

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 13

Real Food Meal Plan Week 13. Includes slow cooker Chicken Cacciatore, Indian Spiced Lamb Roast and Teriyaki Beef Noodle Stir Fry. |

I am always on the look out for better ways to organise recipes, write menu plans and develop shopping lists.  This week I stumbled across Yummly, and am quite excited about the potential it has to keep me organised.  Yummly is free to join, and I have slowly been adding recipes from my blog to my publisher page.  If you want to add my recipes to your own Yummly collection, then just press the Yum button in the share ribbon at the bottom of each post.

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 12

Real Food Meal Plan Week 12

The Princess has returned to school this week, and I breathed a sigh of relief as we regain some sort of routine.  Don’t laugh, I like routine.  I know what time we should be home each evening, and can start to plan accordingly.  Stocking up the freezer is paying off, and I changed my meal plan mid-week to take advantage of a frozen meal rather than cook something from scratch.

Spelt and Macadamia Anzac Biscuits

Spelt & Macadamia Anzac Biscuits. |

The Princess heads back to school this week so some baking has been in order.  Slightly less baking than I anticipated though, as she went on a short-lived detox diet.  What we now know is that The Princess is not much for diets, particularly if you wave freshly baked Spelt and Macadamia Anzac Biscuits (cookies) under her nose.

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 11

Real Food Meal Plan Week 11. |

The Princess is still on school holidays this week, and I seemed to have spent much of my time standing outside changing rooms whilst she stares at herself in the mirror.  I have no idea what she is doing as she won’t let me in.  All I know is that it takes a very long time, and often sees us home late in the afternoon.  Meals during school holidays tend to be a bit haphazard as a result. 

Kitchen Basics: How to Make Arepas

How To Make Arepas. A great gluten free alternative to bread. |

We have had the luxury of a small hawker’s markets operating in a nearby local park over the summer months.  Most Friday evenings we would stroll down and select dinner from the various cuisines on offer.  After working my way through Indian, South East Asian and Turkish, I one day found myself in front of the Venezuelan van ordering the arepa stuffed with shredded beef and black beans.  The juice from the beef soaked into the fluffy corn, and the whole combination was utterly delicious.  Unfortunately arepas cannot just be bought off the shelf, so to recreate this meal at [Continue Reading]

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 10

Real Food Meal Plan Week 10 |

I have been on my own for most of this week.  The Princess has been visiting her grandparents (Yay for school holidays!).  Mr Grumpy went off to the football, then on yet another work trip, so I have only had myself to feed most of the time.  I had great plans to stock the freezer whilst everybody was out of the house, but didn’t quite manage it.  I think it was the potential piles of dishes that stopped me.  At least that is my excuse.