Cold Busting Coconut Gummies

Cold-Busting Coconut Gummies  |

The Princess rarely gets sick, yet in the last school term she managed three colds within a ten week period.  Unfortunately, when she gets sick we all  suffer.  There is little I can do to prevent the illnesses, I know, but that will not stop me trying.  I am now employing everything in my home remedy arsenal to ward off the common cold in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the last term.  Whilst it is difficult to get her to swallow large pills of olive leaf extract or zinc, she is more than happy to munch on these cold busting coconut gummie snacks. Read More

A Holiday in the Yarra Valley, Victoria

A small snowman - Yarra Valley |  thecookspyjamas.comMr Grumpy recently spent some time in the far north of Western Australia watching a hole being dug. Apparently hole watching is exhausting work, as on his return he declared that he needed a holiday. Whilst away he met the owner of four self-catering cottages in the Yarra Valley, and so a few weeks later we found ourselves headed to Victoria. Read More

Stuffed Mushroom & Cheese Focaccia |

My aim for this year is to become better at making lunch. Breakfast is the easiest meal of the day. I am a creature of habit and will happily eat porridge for most of the year. Dinner is planned every week so no issues there, but lunch is a massive mental stumbling block for me. I look at pictures of other people’s wonderful lunches on Instagram and just feel tired.  Everybody else seems to have boundless energy, creating amazing salads and other such concoctions which they then share with the world. It’s winter though, and I don’t feel like salad.  So I am on a mission to create my own winter-worthy lunches.  Which is where this stuffed mushroom and cheese focaccia comes in. Read More

In My Kitchen – July 2014

My Kitchen Pantry

Having been inspired by other people’s kitchens over the last few months, I can proudly say that In My Kitchen this month is a clean pantry cupboard. I finally got sick of not being able to find things I knew I had and cleaned everything out. I put all of the individual packets that were rattling around into large storage containers and have using masking tape to label what is in each container.  Now I can not only find things, but also easily remove the labels when I have finished the products.  In the clean out, I also discovered that I won’t need to buy coconut milk anytime soon.  My task for next month is matching kitchen drawers. Read More

Quick & Easy Carrot Soup

Quick & Easy Carrot Soup |

We have an ongoing soup war in our house.  Mr Grumpy and The Princess like chunks in their soup, and refer to soups without bits as “pappy”. I prefer my soup silky smooth, with a large dollop of sour cream and a slab of soda bread on the side. Most of the time I bend to their preference, mainly as there is less moaning from The Princess when I do. Sometimes though, I am in the mood to torture them both,  and that is when something like this carrot soup appears for dinner. Read More

Crispy Cheese Biscuits

Crispy Cheese Biscuits |

Afternoon tea was the best time to arrive at my Nan’s place. You were always guaranteed something to eat.  Shortbreads were a staple.  I think Nan just made a new batch when the current batch was eaten.  They were OK but I preferred the ones my mum made.  What I really loved, and looked forward to, were Nan’s cheese biscuits.  These didn’t appear all that often, and if they did they were usually leftover from some other event, but I was always pleased to see them. A few years ago I collated all of my Nan’s recipes into a single cookbook. There are four separate recipes for cheese biscuits in that book.  None of them seem to be similar to those that I loved as a child.  Without her recipe, I had to develop my own, and this crispy cheese biscuit is the result. Read More

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