Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 28

Real Food Meal Plan Week 28. Includes Macaroni & Cheese, a Quick Fish Curry, Speedy Minestrone Soup, and Sausage & Potato Pie.

Spring is in the air!  Literally, as it is now the first week of spring.  I suppose that is why the heaters have been going full blast, and I have been wearing three layers of clothing whenever I leave the house.  Despite the cold weather, I spied our first asparagus spear in the garden this week.  We transplanted the asparagus over winter, and the first spear is a welcome sight as it means we didn’t kill the plant in the move. [Read more…]

In My Kitchen – September 2015

In My Kitchen September 2015

There is a bit of restocking and replenishing happening In My Kitchen this month.  The kale in the garden is loving the recent rain, and we now have a bumper crop.  After making a batch of kale chips, the plants don’t even look like I have touched them.  This spicy kale pesto is a good use for large bunches of kale, and I have even tried raw kale salad this week in an effort to use up the plants.   The kale pesto, stirred through wholemeal pasta, makes a super quick dinner.  I also like to eat it spread on flatbread [Continue Reading]

Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup

Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup. Brimming with pearl barley & winter root vegetables.

I’ve never been very fond of vegetable soup, usually finding it thin and insipid.  However, add a little barley to the soup pot, and it is a completely different story.  Barley thickens a simmering broth, turning it creamy and luscious; perfect for winter.  Toss in lots of finely chopped winter vegetables, and you have this Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup.

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 27

Real Food Meal Plan Week 27. Includes asparagus risotto, chicken schnitzel, heart winter vegetable soup and chicken curry.

Yet another week in which, despite my best laid plans, I found myself pulling dinner out of the freezer rather than cooking the meal I had originally planned.  Which really just reinforces how important my freezer has become as part of my everyday arsenal.  At one point in my life I would never have dreamed of eating anything from the freezer that wasn’t frozen peas, or dessert, and now I love knowing I have a couple of meals tucked away for emergencies.

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 26

Real Food Meal Plan Week 26 - Homemade Baked Beans, San Choy Bow, Oven Baked Fish and the Ultimate Shepherd's Pie.

After months of citrus and winter vegetables, new season vegetables are starting to appear. I stumbled across asparagus last weekend, strawberries are back in the markets, and today I even saw new season mangoes.  Although the weather suggests we are still in the middle of winter, spring is absolutely on the way.

A Lighter Tartare Sauce

A Lighter Tartare Sauce. With yoghurt as the base, this sauce can be whipped up quickly using store cupboard ingredients.

One of the (minor) problems with shunning processed foods is that I no longer buy pre-made condiments, like mayonnaise and tartare sauce.  Sometimes though, a little dab of something can really lift a dish, and jars of anything would come in mighty handy.  Condiments are usually something I think of about two minutes before dinner is ready, which often leaves me scrabbling around in the fridge or pantry for meal accompaniments.

Take-out, Fake-out: San Choy Bow

Take-Out, Fake-Out: San Choy Bow: Great for an appetiser or a very quick & easy main.

I love San Choy Bow.  I find the contrast between the crisp lettuce leaves and the soft, salty filling addictive, although I have yet to master a way of eating the stuffed lettuce cups without half the juices running down my arms.  Maybe I should add less filling, but where is the fun in that? Despite my fondness for this dish, I had not made it myself until quite recently.  It turns out San Choy Bow is both quick and simple to make, and I am kicking myself for not learning to do so sooner.