Kitchen Basics: 20 Minute Poached Chicken

20 Minute Poached Chicken {A How-To Guide} |

I have been following an interesting discussion on another Real Food blog this week about the merits of luncheon meat: that pre-sliced, pre-packaged meat (ham, chicken, turkey) that makes school lunch preparation faster and easier.  Two opposing schools of thought arose out of the discussion.  The first was that in a true Real Food diet there is absolutely no place for such meats.  The opposite viewpoint (and the one to which I subscribe) is that some pre-packaged options are better than others, and if buying such is the difference between a homemade sandwich or processed crud from the school canteen, then luncheon meat wins out every time. Read More

Apple & Ginger Wholemeal Loaf Cake

Apple & Ginger Wholemeal Loaf |

The first time I made this apple and oat wholemeal loaf cake, The Princess had a tantrum. It was one of those fall on the floor tantrums that are amusing in a two year old and downright hilarious in a twelve year old. There was much screaming about how I should know that she didn’t like chunks of fruit in cake and how I never cooked anything she liked (I beg to differ – muffins? cookies? muesli bars?). At some point she obviously got hungry and, as I had refused to cook anything else after her outburst, she ate the cake. Then she asked me to make it again. And again. Read More

Spicy Kale Pesto

Spicy Kale Pesto |

Kale was the most successful crop in our vegetable garden last year. So successful that this year we planted three times the amount (or to quote Mr Grumpy, we went ‘long on kale’). As the plants begin to reach maturity, I can attest that it is entirely possible to have far too much of a good thing. There are only so many kale chips I can make at any one time, and I am not really a green smoothie kinda gal.  This leaves me with a lot of kale to do something useful with. Read More

Leftover Mashed Potato Cakes

Leftover Mashed Potato Cakes  |

The Princess is currently in the midst of a major assignment on French culture for school.  One of the questions requires her select and report on a regional French food.  After running through the obvious choices (baguette, croissant, creme brulee etc) and discarding them all because they were, well, obvious she settled on an in depth analysis of aligot.  Aligot is a gooey, fondue-like dish made with almost equal quantities of potato and cheese, and a little garlic and butter for flavour.  Just in case the large quantities of cheese weren’t enough, most recipes also advise thinning the mash out with cream or creme fraiche if it is still too thick.   Really though, aligot is just glorified cheesy mash. Read More

Easy Grapefruit Cordial

Easy Grapefruit Cordial  |

Highly refined white sugar was the first thing I removed from the pantry when we began to convert to a Real Food diet. My cupboards now hold all manner of unrefined sugars: dark muscovado, coconut sugar, rapadura, raw sugar and golden caster sugar. I use unrefined sugars in all my baking, and even in ice cream and lime curd. If you look carefully though, you will find one small bag of “white death” (as it is lovingly known in our house) tucked away at the back of the storeroom. This small bag is used for one thing, and one thing only. Cordial. Read More

Oat & Buckwheat Jammy Scones

Oat & Buckwheat Jammy Scones |

Growing up on a farm, you were unlikely to make it through the week without scones appearing at either morning or afternoon tea.  There is something particularly special about hot scones, straight out of the oven, dripping with melted butter, jam and cream (and yes you need all three).  The scones themselves were always white, light and fluffy, and I have yet to find a recipe that rivals my Nan’s. Over time, however, I became aware that scones don’t always have to be plain (gasp!).  I now love both cheese and pumpkin scones, but my absolute favourites are those made from wholegrain flours with a layer of jam in the middle. These oat & buckwheat jammy scones fall squarely into that category. Read More

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