Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 23

Real Food Meal Plan Week 23. Includes Oven-baked fish, Chicken Dhansak Curry & Easy Carrot Soup.

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote a meal plan.  Blame the flu.  I didn’t feel like eating, and wasn’t really up to cooking.  Thank goodness for a full freezer and some store-cupboard staples, as I have been able to keep the family fed with minimal effort.  Of course the downside to this is that the freezer and cupboards are now bare, so I have to put in a big effort to restock them.

Kitchen Basics: Sugar Free Teriyaki Sauce

Sugar Free Teriyaki Sauce. Less sweet, and better for you, than other sugar-laden recipes.

I think I may have discovered the reason that teriyaki sauce is so popular.  Every single recipe I have read of late contains an absurd amount of sugar; up to half a cup in some cases.  I went back to the bottle of teriyaki marinade that I had lurking in the back of the cupboard (let’s not question how long that has been there), and it is also loaded with sugar.  The family are not huge fans of sweet main courses, so as I’ve been trialling teriyaki recipes, I have had to come up with a sugar free Teriyaki Sauce [Continue Reading]

Slow Cooker Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Slow Cooker Moroccan Chicken Tagine. Quick to put together and freezes brilliantly.

  I used to make this Moroccan Chicken Tagine in the oven.  That was before I worked out how to get the most out of my slow cooker.  As this tagine comes together quite quickly, it has now become the ideal dinner for me to throw in the slow cooker at the start of a busy day.

5 Minute Food Processor Chocolate Apple Cake

5 Minute Food Processor Chocolate Apple Cake. A handy recipe for when time is short, but cake is required.

Just when you began to think I might have disappeared permanently, I’m back. Sorry for the extended absence.  No sooner did I announce I was taking a short break than I came down with the flu, which has kept me out of action for the last few weeks.  May I, as way of an apology, offer you a slice of Chocolate Apple Cake?

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 22

Real Food Meal Plan Week 22. Sag & Butter gnudi, sppedy minestrone and chicken pie.

Cooking for a teenager is a truly thankless task.  The Princess has been thoroughly unimpressed with my efforts at dinner this week.  So much so, she decided to make herself a toasted sandwich on Monday night rather than eat the meal I had prepared. Her loss really, as Mr Grumpy and I quite enjoyed it.

In My Kitchen – July 2015

Rye Bagel Crisps

I have been busy In My Kitchen recently. Whilst our vegetable garden has yet to produce its winter crop, dad’s garden is in full production. He appeared on my doorstep one day with a massive armful of kale. What else could I do but make kale chips. I doubled the cheesy coating, and made a huge batch that disappeared in record time. There have been suggestions from both Mr Grumpy and The Princess that I really should make more. Kale chips are popular in this house.

Oven Roasted Chilli with Hidden Vegetables

Oven Roasted Chilli with Hidden Vegetables. Six vegetables, seven if you count the beans.

I have never deliberately hidden vegetables in a meal to trick The Princess into eating them.  Vegetables are usually highly visible in everything I cook.  The Princess can choose to avoid them if she likes, although there are no other meal options, and certainly no dessert, if that is the path she chooses.

Our Real Food Meal Plan – Week 21

Real Food Meal Plan Week 21. Baked gnocchi, tuna pasta, braised chicken and homemade baked beans.

It seems everybody in Perth is sick at the moment, and our household has not been spared.  The Princess and I have both succumbed to different viruses, which has meant some slight rejigging of my carefully planned menu to minimise the cooking.  Simple dishes, baked in the oven, have been the order of the day.