A Real Food Meal Plan – Spring 03

Real Food Meal Plan Spring Week 3 | thecookspyjamas.com

Mr Grumpy has been nagging me to use up the produce in the garden so he can rip out the fading plants and start the summer crops.  This means a lot of winter greens on the menu this week.  We will be eating: Read More

Beetroot and Feta Tarte Tartin

Beetroot & Feta Tarte Tartin. A simple vegetarian dinner; all the work can be done in advance. | thecookspyjamas.com

There is always an element of surprise to a tarte tartin. You never know if it is going to work until you actually flip it out of the pan.  Traditionally tarte tartin is made with apples or other fruits.  However it also works really well as a savoury dish, like this Beetroot and Feta Tarte Tartin. Read More

Roasted Cinnamon Strawberries

Roasted Cinnamon Strawberries.  Good for breakfast or dessert.  Especially with cream. | thecookspyjamas.com

The best strawberries I have ever eaten were in England.  It was the start of the strawberry season and we were not far from the local Pick-Your-Own.  Margaret wanted to stock up her frozen fruit supplies so she could continue to make strawberry jam through the winter months.  The Princess was still quite young at only four but we figured she would enjoy the outing.  So with baskets and boxes in hand we ventured off for an afternoon of picking fruit. Read More

A Real Food Meal Plan – Spring 02

Real Food Meal Plan Spring Week 2 | thecookspyjamas.com

You would be forgiven for thinking that I am a huge fan of lamb, given it’s appearance on my menu plan twice in a row.  I reality, Mr Grumpy went to my parents farm without me and came back with, you guessed it, lamb.  Now I am now trying to make space in the freezer. Read More

Kitchen Basics: How to Make Caramelised Onions

How to Make Caramelised Onions.  The food equivalent of your little black dress.  | thecookspyjamas.com

We all have a little black dress (or is that LBD?).  Something we can pull out of the cupboard at a moments notice and dress up or down according to the occasion.  The old standby that never fails us.  Caramelised onions are the culinary equivalent of that LBD. Having a jar in the fridge means you are ready for anything, be it a quick dinner at home or drinks with friends. Read More

Asparagus and Goat Cheese Frittata

Asparagus & Goat Cheese Frittata.  Simple to make & delicious hot or cold. | thecookspyjamas.com

Asparagus season is in full swing.  At the start of the season I cook asparagus quite simply, wanting to really enjoy the flavour.  As the season progresses however, I become more inventive and asparagus begins to appear as one of the ingredients rather than the main event.  My asparagus and goat cheese frittata is a good example of this.  Simple enough that the asparagus shines, yet easily served as a main meal with a simple salad. Read More

Welcome. I’m Tania. We are constantly bombarded with messages to eat less processed food, to eat more real food, to eat well, to do better. But what does all this actually mean and how does this work in our busy lives? Real food is quite easy to make at home if you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. Let me help you with that. You can read more about me here.

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