Spiced Hot Chocolate Spoons

Spiced Hot Chocolate Spoons

The problem with Easter eggs appearing on the supermarket shelves in January is that by the time Easter actually rolls around my interest has already waned. My desire to take no part in this rampant commercialism also means that I need to come up with some other form of chocolate to give those who are expecting it. The children are getting chocolate marshmallows. Easy. For everybody else I am making these hot chocolate spoons. Read More

Homemade Chocolate Marshmallows {No Corn Syrup, Egg Free}

Molly is my fiercest food critic, even harsher than The Princess who occasionally tries to preserve my feelings. The joy of being five, I suppose, is that you are not hindered by the social niceties that plague the rest of us and you can say what you think. Molly is quite partial to my strawberry marshmallows, and was equally unimpressed with my final batch of brownies. When I told her I was thinking of trying chocolate marshmallows, her exact words to me were “You should make them, then give them to us to try and we can tell you if they are any good.” Read More

Easy Dukkah-Spiced Lamb Koftas

Easy Dukkah Spiced Lamb Koftas 01 pic

Have you noticed a theme developing in my recent posts? We started at flatbreads, detoured via dukkah and now here we are at lamb koftas for dinner (or lunch). I’ll admit I am not the greatest fan of lamb. Does that make me un-Australian? As an aside, I don’t like Vegemite either. Don’t judge me. Read More

In My Kitchen – April 2014

Comal & pepper grinder

A birthday month usually means some good things are to be found In My Kitchen. This year, however, my loved ones all went a bit off-piste and bought me some great presents that had nothing to do with the kitchen. Mr Grumpy knows that it is really not in his best interests if there is nothing kitchen related amongst my gifts though, so he found me a new pepper grinder to replace the dodgy one I have been swearing at for months. My sleek new mill has five different grades for grinding, and cuts though the peppercorns effortlessly. No swearing, yet. Read More

Kitchen Basics: How to Make Dukkah

How To Make Dukkah

I have vague memories of dukkah exploding onto the culinary scene. I’m sure it happened during the pre-child era, when every restaurant seemed to provide dishes of dukkah and olive oil and some nice bread to distract you whilst you perused the menu. I don’t recall the last time I was offered dukkah in a restaurant without having to pay for it, although this may say more about the Perth dining scene (or the fact I can’t recall the last time I was in a restaurant) than anything else. Read More

Quick & Easy Flatbreads

Quick & Easy Flatbreads 04

The Princess appears to be under the illusion that her lunch rolls come in a magic bag that spontaneously refills when the last roll is removed. For this to happen the empty bag must be left in the freezer and not a word uttered that the final roll has been consumed. Of course, what then follows are the anguished cries of “Where’s the bread?” first thing in the morning when she discovers that the plastic bag isn’t quite so magical after all. Read More

Welcome. I’m Tania. We are constantly bombarded with messages to eat less processed food, to eat more real food, to eat well, to do better. But what does all this actually mean and how does this work in our busy lives? Real food is quite easy to make at home if you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. Let me help you with that. You can read more about me here.


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