Easy Grapefruit Cordial

Easy Grapefruit Cordial  |  thecookspyjamas.com

Highly refined white sugar was the first thing I removed from the pantry when we began to convert to a Real Food diet. My cupboards now hold all manner of unrefined sugars: dark muscovado, coconut sugar, rapadura, raw sugar and golden caster sugar. I use unrefined sugars in all my baking, and even in ice cream and lime curd. If you look carefully though, you will find one small bag of “white death” (as it is lovingly known in our house) tucked away at the back of the storeroom. This small bag is used for one thing, and one thing only. Cordial. Read More

Oat & Buckwheat Jammy Scones

Oat & Buckwheat Jammy Scones | thecookspyjamas.com

Growing up on a farm, you were unlikely to make it through the week without scones appearing at either morning or afternoon tea.  There is something particularly special about hot scones, straight out of the oven, dripping with melted butter, jam and cream (and yes you need all three).  The scones themselves were always white, light and fluffy, and I have yet to find a recipe that rivals my Nan’s. Over time, however, I became aware that scones don’t always have to be plain (gasp!).  I now love both cheese and pumpkin scones, but my absolute favourites are those made from wholegrain flours with a layer of jam in the middle. These oat & buckwheat jammy scones fall squarely into that category. Read More

Pork & Mushroom Steamed Buns (Bao)

Pork & Mushroom Steamed Buns  | thecookspyjamas.com

I absolutely love yum cha. Unfortunately my enthusiasm is not shared by The Princess and Mr Grumpy, so I don’t go nearly as often as I would like. I happily eat almost everything on the menu (chicken feet excepted), although I avoid the bao (steamed buns) as I find they leave little room for anything else. I recently attended a dim sum cooking class with Janice, and fell in love with the pork bao that we made on the day. After a few minor tweaks, these pork and mushroom steamed buns are now a regular weekend lunch in our house. Read More

In My Kitchen – August 2014

In My Kitchen - Tea TowelsIt is absolutely guaranteed that anytime I go away I will return with at least a few new pieces for my kitchen, much to Mr Grumpy’s disgust. Our recent trip to Victoria was no different, and I have lots of goodies In My Kitchen to play with this month.  I restocked on tea towels whilst away as I can never seem to find any nice ones in Perth.  Apparently all the good ones don’t make it west, because there was so much choice in Melbourne that I could easily have come back with twice the amount that I did. Read More

Really Simple (and Useful) Barley Crepes

Really Simple (and Useful) Barley Crepes|thecookspyjamas.com

It was always a good thing when my parents went out for the evening and left us with my Nan. Dinner at Nan’s place was always pancakes. Nothing else. Not a vegetable in sight. Just hot pancakes, cooked to order, dripping with fresh lemon juice and loads of sugar. Those pancakes were more akin to thin crepes than thick, fluffy pancakes, but this does nothing to dampen my love for them. Call it nostalgia if you like but these barley crepes, which are perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes, are making a regular appearance in our house at the moment. Read More

Cold Busting Coconut Gummies

Cold-Busting Coconut Gummies  |  thecookspyjamas.com

The Princess rarely gets sick, yet in the last school term she managed three colds within a ten week period.  Unfortunately, when she gets sick we all  suffer.  There is little I can do to prevent the illnesses, I know, but that will not stop me trying.  I am now employing everything in my home remedy arsenal to ward off the common cold in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the last term.  Whilst it is difficult to get her to swallow large pills of olive leaf extract or zinc, she is more than happy to munch on these cold busting coconut gummie snacks. Read More

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