Coconut Maple Caramel Popcorn

Coconut Maple Caramel Popcorn.  The caramel is made with unrefined sugars, yet is just as moreish as the real deal. | thecookspyjamas.comI have a large bag of popcorn in my pantry.  I can see you thinking it can’t be that big (standard supermarket size probably) so let me start again.  I have a five kilogram bag of popcorn in my pantry.  The Princess is a creature of habit, and eats the same thing every day for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea, until she inexplicably changes her mind and moves on to something else.  And so it was with the popcorn. Read More

Mushroom & Blue Cheese Stovetop Pizza

Mushroom & Blue Cheese Stovetop Pizza.  The perfect solution to homemade pizza in a hurry. |

I am beginning to realise that The Princess is leaving the golden age of childhood behind and is implanting herself firmly in the teenage years.  The biggest clue is the irrationality.  She recently informed me she no longer liked my flat bread pizzas.  No explanation as to why, although I was thrown a “how could you not know that, what kind of mother are you?” look.  Yet she would still like (or is that requires) some form of pizza for lunch, so could I just get cooking please. Read More

Crispy Tamari Almonds

Crispy Tamari Almonds.  The perfect Real Food snack. | thecookspyjamas.comwhen

I don’t tend to snack.  Three square meals, spaced through the day, are usually enough to keep me going.  Usually.  There are times, however, when I find myself opening the fridge door and cupboards in the vain hope that something snack worthy will leap out at me and banish that niggling desire to eat something, anything.  This is why I don’t keep processed snack foods in the house.  It’s for my own protection.  If I have kale pesto or spinach dip in the fridge, then the snack monster can be tamed with a few sourdough crackers.  Of late, a jar of salty toasted nuts, like these crispy tamari almonds, have also done the trick. Read More

Easy Coconut Apple Tarts

Easy Coconut Apple Tarts.  Simple to prepare in advance & great for entertaining.  | thecookspyjamas.comDo you find that sometimes you just need dessert.  Or is that just me? Dinner was fine.  There was nothing wrong with it, but I sometimes (often …  shh!) have a lingering feeling that a sweet morsel would be the perfect end to the meal.  The problem is my need for dessert usually doesn’t arise until the main course is finished.  This rules out chocolate bread & butter pudding, chia pudding or ice cream sandwiches. I often whip up a dutch baby, but these coconut apple tarts also do the trick. Read More

Food Playground Cooking School, Singapore

Food Playground Singapore

I find one of the best ways to truly appreciate a country’s food culture is to take a cooking class run by  locals.  I’ve been to Singapore a few times, eating in various hawkers’ markets and food halls, but it took a visit to the Food Playground cooking school for me to really understand the sheer breadth of Singapore’s food culture. Read More

In My Kitchen – October 2014

In My Kitchen October 2014 - Sorghum Flour |

I feel like a magpie.  I have been distracted by many shiny new things this month, with most of them finding their way into my kitchen.   Spurred on by The Homemade Flour Cookbook I featured last month, I went on the hunt for sorghum flour.  Sorghum flour is a gluten free, wholegrain flour that I am eager to try in baking.  As you know, when you are actually looking for something you can never find it.  The minute I found the sorghum flour I started seeing it everywhere.  The only brand I could find was Bob’s Red Mill but if you are aware of another source I would love to know. Read More

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